Conference #Prague2020

QuBit audience presented more than 225+ cyber professionals from the various industries from the CEE region and other countries. Seventh annual cyber community conference offers its delegates as usual excellent speakers representing organizations such as FBI, CIA, LIFARS, Flowmon Networks, Citadelo, Raiffeisen Bank International, Tatra...

Digital Forensics & Crypto Assets

Virtual Session

Digital forensics faces abundant challenges. In the context of the LOCARD project, this webinar will focus on the main barriers to collect and properly manage digital evidence on crypto-assets-related crimes.

Phishing Attack Investigations and the latest scam trends

Virtual Session

Join us to brush up on the latest phishing techniques; explore the latest phishing attack investigation methods; and gain valuable insights into defending your business against phishing. The program will delve into the latest find-outs in the field of professional investigation, look at the e-crime-related activity trends, and examine the most recent scams we are confronting in 2021 and how to detect and stop them to protect our organisations.

EU Symposium on Electronic Crime Research

Virtual Session

This year ́s eCrimeEU will present and consider current research projects on cybercrime investigations, forensic techniques and infrastructure defense against cyber-attacks and manipulation. The symposium’s operational and research insights for fighting electronic crime will be complimented with discussions on citizen awareness programs to broadly improve the security of the global internet.

CYBERSECURITY TRENDS: What happened in 2021? What’s coming in 2022?

Virtual Session

What could be more useful than a quick review of the cybersecurity events of the 2021 cyber landscape? We’ll also talk about what might be coming our way in 2022! Our panel of outstanding professionals will share their impressions of what happened in 2021 and...


Phishing Outbreaks in 2022

In the framework of the European Cybersecurity Month, and ENISA invite you to our joint webinar on Phishing Tendencies. The program will examine the latest changes in cybersecurity overall after the pandemic and war outbreak.


The goal of the Global Anti Scam Summit (GASS) is to help governments, consumer/financial authorities, law enforcement, brand protection agencies, and (cybersecurity) companies share knowledge and insights to fight online scams and fraud more effectively and efficiently. All information is available in the following link:...

Protecting your organisation from Phishing Attacks: a proactive approach

Virtual Event Virtual Event

Phishing attacks attempt to defraud people of their personal information such as bank account information and password credentials.  Manipulating through social engineering or using intrusive technical methods, these miscreants infiltrate organizations for monetary gain.  For the past 20 years or so, the emailing of a phishing link has been the most common lure to snare victims.