Based in Barcelona, Spain, APWG.EU is the EU chapter of the APWG, established in Fall 2013 as a non-profit scientific research foundation managed by its directors for the benefit of cybercrime fighters across Europe and beyond. The APWG is the worldwide coalition unifying the global response to cybercrime across industry, government and law-enforcement sectors.

APWG’s membership of more than 2000 institutions worldwide is as global as its outlook, with its directors, managers and research fellows advising: national governments; global governance bodies like ICANN; hemispheric and global trade groups; and several multilateral treaty organizations. Membership is open to financial institutions, retailers, solutions providers, ISPs, telcos, defense contractors.

Unifying the Global Response to Cybercrime
Through Data Exchange, Research and Public Awareness


Public Education Initiative

The APWG’s Internet Policy Committee and the Carnegie Mellon Cylab Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory have joined forces to educate consumers about phishing and established the APWG/CMU Phishing Education Landing Page program.

eCrime Research

The Anti-Phishing Working Group eCrime Researchers Summit was conceived by APWG Secretary General Peter Cassidy in 2006 as a comprehensive venue to present state-of-the-art basic and applied research into electronic crime.


The STOP. THINK. CONNECT.™ slogan and logo suite is a globally coordinated message to help everyone stay safer online. The goal is as simple: to cover every user of the Internet worldwide with a single awareness messaging scheme. Join us.

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With cyber threats evolving constantly and dramatically, we are to consider cybersecurity proactively as part of our daily routine, as an inseparable part of our lives. Cyber-hygiene is a digital set of best practices to maintain your devices’ safety, well-being and complete protection at both......

El #WhiteChannel y el #BlackChannel son opciones adecuadas para transportar información relacionada con el proceso industrial de manera eficaz, pero, ¿cuál hace que su implementación resulte más sencilla? 🔎 Descúbrelo con @incibe_cert.


APWG REPORT: Phishing Attacks Climb to New Record High in Q2 2022


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Register to the next "Phishing Outbreaks in 2022" co-organised with ENISA that will take place next October 13th! APWG.eu and ENISA invite you to our joint webinar on Phishing Tendencies. The program will examine the latest changes in cybersecurity overall after the pandemic and war outbreak. Presenters will detail the criminal techniques that have evolved to exploit the special conditions of life and commerce in a time of pandemic and war and examine responses to prevent and respond to phishing attacks.


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