Past Events

Warsaw Symposium on Global Cybersecurity Awareness

Warsaw, Poland | SEPTEMBER 11 - 12, 2018


Warsaw Awareness III´s objectives are to establish a global strategy for cybersecurity messaging with the development messaging tools as a form of cybercrime prevention regimen and to craft the most functional approaches to deploy a cybersecurity awareness campaigns.

In this way, STOP. THINK. CONNECT., APWG.EU, and its correspondents worldwide are organizing the larger cybercrime prevention effort, unifying the development of effective awareness programs that can help the user be a programmatic and, we hope, reliable line of defense against predictable, everyday cybercrimes.

This year´s symposium is organized with the support of, NASK (National Research Institute supervised by the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs) that has recently launched STOJ.POMYSL.POLACZ campaign.



NASK – Panstwowy Instytut Badawczy, ul. Kolska 12, 01- 045 Warsaw, Poland

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