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In their fight against cybercrime, one of the most difficult challenges for several countries is to standardise the process used in the preparation and generation of digital forensic reports. The procedure needed to obtain digital evidence, as well as its recognition in a court of justice, should follow standardised procedures aimed at guaranteeing the origin of the evidence and the integrity of the chain of custody. This is a crucial step towards producing high quality reports and a way to encourage digital forensics best practices and facilitate sharing and admissibility of reports across jurisdictions.

REGISTER NOW in the two-part LOCARD webinar that will take place next 16th July 2020 aimed at addressing these and other related needs.

Speakers & Details

Weak Links – Can we build a robust cross-border chain of trust for digital evidence?
Part 1:  10:00 – 11:00 CEST

What are the burning issues for digital chain of custody? Working to resolve/address burning issues when sharing digital evidence between different European countries.


  • Ionut Stoica – Senior Research Analyst at Council of Europe
  • Teodora Balcanu  Senior Investigator at Romanian Police
  • Alessandro Guarino – CEO at StAG
  • Angus Marshall – Lecturer at University of York and Director of n-gate
  • Moderated by Steve Kemsley – Security Consultant at EEMA

Part 2:  11:30 – 12:30 CEST 

How can the EU lead this process? 

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