Phishing infographic partners

Phishing awareness campaign 2018

Did you know that phishing is one of the most used attacks by cybercriminals to steal your personal data? In the context of the European Cyber Security, with the support of ENISA, the European Commission and STOP.THINK.CONNECT created an infographic that explains in a very simple way how to avoid this type of attacks.

The infographic is freely available in 21 languages.

AST – Asturianu BG – Български / Bălgarski CAT – Català CZ – Čeština
DA – Dansk DE – Deutsch EN – English ES – Español
ET – Eesti FR – Français GL – Galego HR – Hrvatski
HU – Magyar JP – 日本語 LV – Latviešu valoda PL – Język polski
PT – Português RO – Română RU – Русский SK – Slovenčina
SL – Slovenščina