About us

The APWG.EU, established in 2013 as the Anti-Phishing Working Group European Foundation, is an industry association focused on unifying the global response to cybercrime. The organization provides a forum for responders and managers of cybercrime to discuss phishing and cybercrime issues, to consider potential technology solutions, to access data logistics resources for cybersecurity applications, to cultivate the university research community dedicated to cybercrime, and to advise government, industry, law enforcement and treaty organizations on the nature of cybercrime.


Board of Trustees

APWG.EU was founded in Barcelona in 2013 as a research foundation incorporated in Spain and managed by an independent Board of Trustees. The Board is made up of eight appointed members, four each from CaixaBank and APWG. A President for the board is elected from the Board for a two-year term.

Advisory Board

APWG.EU Collaborators assign representatives to an Advisory Board. The Advisory Board gathers to approve the adoption of certain decisions and an Action Plan for the upcoming year. One Advisory Board representative from each Platinum Collaborator has a privilege of voting rights for these plans. The Board of Trustees, however, maintains the right for the final decision. These Advisory Board Meetings are held twice per year, in March and October.

Scientific Committee

APWG.EU maintains a Scientific Committee (SC) composed of one representative each from the Platinum and Gold collaborators, APWG.ORG members and an appointed Scientific Advisor. This SC helps guide the research projects in cybercrime investigation and user awareness that APWG.EU will participate in. The SC meets twice a year at the annual eCrime meetings in the Spring and Fall of each year.